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Why You Need An Advisor

Are you thinking of selling your pharmacy to Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, your PIC, or anyone else without an advisor?

You may be the smartest guy in your industry, and you may have built a giant empire, but selling a business is not the same thing as building one. Watch what happens when Bill Gates, founder of the biggest software company in history, steps out of his area of expertise and takes on an expert in a different field…

When you are ready to exit the pharmacy that you built with years of hard work and sacrifice, you may will be dealing with people who work in the corporate acquisition field every day. They are experts in gaining an advantage at the negotiating table and this is what they do — at your expense.

Of course, this is also what we do every day. We are here not only to level the playing field, but to press any and every advantage you have, and to mitigate potential problems before the buyer pool becomes aware of them. Getting a premium price in today’s marketplace requires far more planning and preparation than you might think.

Your wound’t sell your $500,000 house without a realtor, so why would you sell your $2 million business without an advisor?

We Create Leverage Through Competition, Data, Risk Shifting, Process Management, Experience & Contacts


The most powerful thing a person can say in a negotiation is “no.” To be able to say no, you need a ATNA – A “Alterative to a Negotiated Agreement” with the person you are speaking with, weather that is a chain, independent, or anyone else. We create your ATNA by getting multiple bidders to the table to negotiate against each other, raising the price and getting the best terms for our clients.


Colony RX is obsessed with data. We have proprietary industry data about pharmacy deals by type of buyer, geography and category; we have data on the buyers (including the best industry database which we have been building for over a decade), data on lenders, data on best terms and practices, data on chains. We use this data to close deals and get our clients top price.


3Risk Shifting

We know how to shift risk between the parties in a commercially acceptable way that will be approved by the banks. We are experts in spotting attempts at risk shifting and steering our clients away from them.


4Process Management

The main thing you get with Colony is the process. The process drives the competition between potential buyers, gets the best price and gets the deal closed. The process involves extensive checklists we have developed over the years that we customize to every deal.



Experience counts. You don’t want an amateur learning on the job, and you don’t want to be that amateur. You don’t want to be learning difficult lessons the morning of closing. We leverage our experience to avoid landmines and have a smooth closing. Here is an e-mail from a chain



We have extensive contacts in this industry and in related industries, including with regulators and industry thought leaders.


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