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By Colony RX

Dealing with employees when you are selling your pharmacy does not need to be stressful or contentious. At Colony RX, we understand that this is often one of the most sensitive issue for the seller, and we handle it with the utmost care.

Managing Employees pharmacy sale

One reason that this is so sensitive for pharmacy sellers is because they are not only the boss, but also a coworker who has worked side by side with pharmacy staff. Over time, this may have lead to a blurring of lines between boss and friend and nobody likes to put have a power imbalance with their friends.

The largest concern employees have is for their continued employment. We work with buyers to make sure staff have maximum employability, and with sellers to help mitigate the effects on employees.

For a variety of reasons, we advise letting employees know about the potential sale at the latest possible moment. Sometimes deals fall apart or are delayed. Sometimes, employees try to leverage the sale against the seller. Sometimes, employees check out, quit or break down. Usually none of these things happen, but in the rare event they do, it’s best they are contained to the shortest possible time period.