When To Sell Your Pharmacy – Timing is Everything

Tony Corinda Quote: “Good timing is invisible. Bad timing sticks out a mile.”

When To Sell Your Pharmacy

As in most things in life, the decision of when to sell your business should be based mainly on how you want to spend your time going forward. Typically, we find that serious sellers have been thinking about selling for a year or more, although there are situations where an urgent sale is needed and we can accommodate these very well.

The Best Time To Sell

The best time to sell a business is when you are not forced to. The wrong time to sell a business is when you are under pressure from heath, economic, competitive, family or other reasons.

Should You Accept A Pharmacy Offer?

We often play the role of therapist, pastor and life coach, helping owners decide what to do. In our view, the decision to sell should not be based purely economic decisions, because this requires predictions of future cashflows that are difficult to predict. We will guide you through this decision making process. But more generally, you should base your decision on what you want to do with your time going forward, because there are plenty of rich but unhappy people, and your time on earth is limited.

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