The Risk of a Confidentiality Breach When Selling a Pharmacy

These risks apply especially to pharmacies in a small town or with untrustworthy competitors.

The possibility of a confidentiality breach increases exponentially when you have conversations with industry insiders, or friends, (or even with some unethical brokers) and utter words such as “if there were a buyer…”  Individuals you talk with who have not signed a confidentiality agreement may talk with others who have not signed a confidentiality agreement, and pretty soon one of your customers, employees or wholesalers  will be asking you about a rumor they heard.  Be careful.

However, the biggest risk for a confidentiality breach is your employees. Do you think your employees are loyal to you? Do you think they won’t leave when they find out YOU may want to leave? The answer is: don’t find out the hard way. It could be a total disaster for your business.

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