About Us

About Us

We started Colony RX to continue our family legacy in independent pharmacy which dates back to the 1950s. Our guiding philosophy is that pharmacy practice is first and foremost a healthcare profession, and that patient outcomes are paramount. We own and operate independent pharmacies in three states, and are growing by buying pharmacies in all 50 states.

Colony RX is not a chain where each store is the same. At Colony, each store is independent. This means:

  1. Each store keeps its name to reflect its independent identity.
  2. Each store has its own autonomous manager to operate the store. As owners, we do not work in or manage the stores. This ensures front-line staff are empowered to make decisions, and managers are not hindered by bureaucracy.
  3. Each store invests in its local community, by supporting local charities, teams, and events.

Our long-term strategy is to hold our pharmacies forever and create a lasting, multi-generational family business. We have no “exit plan”.

The two greatest assets of Colony RX are its people and its culture. This is where we invest the most amount of time, and what gives us the greatest pride. For this reason, when we buy a pharmacy, all staff are guaranteed employment and the seller is welcome to remain involved. As a result, when patients visit our pharmacies, they will see the same faces and enjoy the same level of service they have trusted for years.

If you own an independent pharmacy anywhere in the US and are thinking of selling it, please visit our website to learn more, and reach out to us to start a conversation.